RevItUP! for Life is a program that approaches wellness by looking at metabolism first – HOW the body works-and WHY the traditional way of “doing diets” isn’t enough. Learn to take control of your health and wellness by changing the foundation from which you make health choices, using food, fluid and fitness challenges that build on each other each week. These four “F’s”, Foundation, Food, Fluid and Fitness, are the four principles upon which the RevItUP! for Life program builds. Begin trusting your body’s own fuel gauge, using a unique way of thinking about your health and fuel choices. Lose the food and fitness guilt, and gain self confidence in your ability to live well. Understand why your body works the way it does and how to help it work more effectively. Take ownership of your health choices and the changes your body, and mind, are capable of making. RevItUP! is the driver’s manual for your health, full of step-by-step guidelines, suggested tools, and encouraging reminders to keep your body well-tuned for life.

What RevItUP! Alumni are Saying...

  • “RevItUP! has taught me that there is a smart way to eat those foods I love and not feel guilty. It’s also taught me to exercise smarter, too!”

    - Mary
  • “This program is a real eye opener.Can’t believe what I did not know!We (my wife and I) can’t stop talking about it.Probably the most dynamic program I’ve ever experienced.RevItUP! makes sense,and really works…(written in 2002) (and again in 2007)…”Many if not all of the RevItUP! principles have been incorporated in our everyday living experiences and our lives. I cannot believe I ‘did not know’ how much I did not know about nutrition, exercise, and the value of how you eat and what you eat. Barbara and I have lost approximately 15 and 24 pounds,respectively, from the beginning of the program and we have managed to maintain 100% of that loss (five years later!). The program had a tremendous positive influence on our lives in terms of overall health and wellness.We learned the positive benefits of exercise and more specifically eating right, i.e. fuel for the body(I will never forget that session!).”

    - Al and Barbara
  • “I have dieted my entire adult life–literally moving from one to the next searching for the ‘one’ that works. I heard about RevItUP! and thought, ‘Maybe this one will work?’ My goal was no longer just weight loss. I wanted to eat like normal people. I can’t express in words the difference this program has made in my life. No longer is a food or food group off limits. I eat-REAL food! I have gained so much confidence in myself and my choices. People see change in me, not just in size, but in my smile, too.”

    - Rebecca
  • “Different approach than most “diets”….and It seems to make sense to my pea brain! The “filling” of the gas tank and it running out on the ground after being full has really been an eye opening analogy….never thought of it like that before…love it!”

    - Jeff M.