Program Description

RevItUP! is a one-of-a-kind wellness program. Created by registered dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics and eating disorders, Tammy Beasley, RD, CSSD, LD, CEDRD, RevItUP! combines real-world experience and solid science to drive life-changing results. This nine week program, NEWLY UPDATED for 2013, combines “the tried, the true, and the new”, balancing nutrition and fitness information with an emphasis on the body’s own fuel gauge (hunger and fullness) to restore freedom from food and fitness guilt. You will guide your participants to take a deeper look into the reasons why and how the body responds to health choices. The weekly lessons are presented in a clear, concise and enjoyable style, with clever analogies and simple examples that help your clients practice the principles learned each week. It is designed to be progressive and realistic, with each week building on the previous week’s lesson. By purchasing the RevItUP! Instructor Program, you provide your company with all the steps you’ll need to market, teach and maintain a successful wellness program. Most importantly, you provide your clients and community an opportunity to take ownership of their health and wellness – for a lifetime!

Registered Dietitian Program: All New Updates for 2013!

The RevItUP! Instructor Program is a comprehensive program designed for registered dietitians, and includes all the instructional and promotional materials you will need to successfully promote and teach RevItUP!. The following list outlines the specific information included:

  1. Program CD
    • Includes all instructor outlines and forms, promotional materials (that can include your company’s logo) and client handouts listed below
    • Includes an instructor copy of “RevItUP! The Lifestyle Diet that Puts YOU in the Driver’s Seat” book
    • Includes innovative, colorful Power Point presentations for each week (over 230 slides!)
  2. Program Pricing Guidelines
  3. Suggestions for Class Facility, Set Up
  4. Promotional Materials for the 9-week program (templates provided so that you can personalize for your business)
    • Camera-ready RevItUP! press release
    • Camera-ready RevItUP! consumer brochure
    • Camera-ready RevItUP! flyer
    • Camera-ready RevItUP! specific class flyer
  5. Promotional Materials/Ideas for follow-up support
    • Camera-ready “Rev It Upper” Certificate
    • Camera-ready Challenges Brochure
    • Camera-ready Tune Up flyer
  6. Instructor Outlines – ALL NEW UPDATES for 2013
    • General Group Instructor Guidelines
    • First Fifteen Minutes Guidelines
    • Detailed Instructor Outlines for Classes 1 through 9
  7. Client Handouts for Pre, During and Post Class
  8. RevItUP! Mission Statement and Company Background
  9. RevItUP! Program Founder Information

Corporate Program Package

Please contact Tammy if you are interested in a Corporate package.