RevItUP! for Life

RevItUP! for Life is the healthy lifestyle roadmap that puts you in the driver’s seat with a plan for healthy living to keep your body well-tuned for life. The RevItUP! wellness program follows the guidelines presented in the book by Tammy Beasley, RD, CSSD, LD, CEDRD, titled “RevItUP!: The Lifestyle Diet that Puts You in the Driver’s Seat” and is offered as an individual guide or in a group class format with a registered dietitian as your licensed instructor.   A class setting with an instructor allows for group interaction, live questions and answers, and additional analogies and motivation to support your progress, so take advantage of the opportunity to learn to live the RevItUP! way with a support group and motivating instructor in your own community.  (See the instructor map for locations and RD instructors throughout the U.S.)  

What is RevItUP?

Are You Ready to RevItUP!