Sneaky Fitness Tips

April 10, 2013

You love that Zumba class, but can’t seem to find the time. Your gym membership is active, but you aren’t. Your walking shoes haven’t traveled anywhere lately. It’s hard to keep a fitness routine with a busy schedule. However, you can sneak in simple fitness habits every day by adding just a few small movements or changing a few simple behaviors. For instance using the best waist trainer for men can really help tighten your abs.

Sneaky Fitness2

Sneak in fitness while standing in the supermarket line!

Try these: 1) Use “standing in line” at the grocery store or gas station as a chance to flex your abs with some standing ‘crunches’ or squeeze in some butt tucks (no one will know, honest!). It’s like having your own portable mini “butts and guts” conditioning class. 2) Do calf raises while talking on the telephone. 3) If you have stairs at home, take them each time you do a load of laundry instead of accumulating all the loads into one before you make the trip. 4) Do crunches or push ups during the commercial breaks (since commercials make up about 15-20 minutes per hour of TV, you can accumulate a lot of reps within one episode of your favorite series). 5) If you really want to make your family think you have lost it, do jumping jacks or run in place during commercials. Your younger kids will think this is a great new game, and your teenager already expects odd behavior from you anyway. And 6) Do stretches in the shower, like neck rolls and shoulder shrugs.

Remember, its what you do more often than not that counts. Wellness is a lifestyle – not just an aerobics class.

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