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Client Referrals

“Last week I did what many mothers do…I took my child to Barnes and Nobles so she could run around and play with Thomas the Train while I mentally disconnected for a bit. We walked in and I was immediately hit front and center with a large display of weight loss books, cleanses, detoxes, and diet plans. I couldn’t help but take a quick look. At the bottom of the display I came upon the book which inspired my husband to join me in a healthier, whole foods lifestyle, Rev It Up! by Tammy Beasley, RD, CSSD, LD. Had my daughter not been with me, I would have reorganized the book shelf so Rev It Up! would have been on top rather than the bottom. After 4 years of having my husband simply be a spectator to my healthy eating habits, it took only one meeting with Tammy and he was determined to study Rev It Up!. We read the book, chapter by chapter, and systematically implemented small but significant changes into his daily life. I am proud to say, more than a year later, he has not fallen off the wagon. He now owns a closet full of suits, pants, and shirts which are entirely too big for him to wear. (I am hoping to convince him SOON to let go of his old clothes and accept that a lifestyle change means permanent weight loss.) I highly recommend Rev It Up! if your goal is to finally get control of your food and make healthy one of the adjectives that defines you.

Jeidi Pippins
Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

“As a new Rev It Up instructor, each week that goes by, I become more and more excited to deliver such a fantastic program to each of my participants. Members are coming to my Rev It Up class ready and eager for the next road to turn down and their excitement is definitely on par with my own! This program encompasses everything that I believe in as a dietitian and it’s delivery is positive, energetic and the weekly goals are attainable and FUN (perhaps the 5th “F” ?!). My excitement is obviously infectious as Rev it Up is all the buzz at the Beverly Athletic Club! Thank you! It’s an honor to be able to share Rev it Up with my community.”

Ryann Collins, MS, RD
Beverly, MA (Newest Instructor!)

“I was thrilled to find a book that presents solid nutrition and fitness information in conjunction with encouragment to eat according to hunger and fullness cues, and all without a hint of militant “diet” talk. Thank you for not including weight on the food and activity logs! I’m really excited to get going on planning my classes. One more thing, I see it’s only available to RD’s to teach, more kudos to you for that!”

Rhonda O’Brien, MS, RD, CDE

Boise, Idaho

“Tammy Beasley is eminently qualified to help improve the overall health and well-being of individuals with a wide range of nutrition–related issues. Her rigorous and comprehensive technical education and clinical training in the field of dietetics, as well as her unique professional and personal experiences, have positioned her as a leading authority in the art and science of ‘eating and living well’.”

Dean June Henton,
College of Human Sciences
Auburn University

“Just the guidance you need to put into action strategies for life! Tammy Beasley, Licensed Registered Dietitian, has easily translated evidence-based science for you into a meaningful, realistic roadmap for a life-long journey of healthy living. Tammy lives the life that she is sharing in this book–and serves as a living example both professionally and healthfully as true testament that the route you take next will be forever life-changing. Now….full speed ahead!’
Susan C. Scott, RD, LD
President and CEO, SCS Nutrition Consulting
2008 Outstanding Dietitian, Alabama Dietetic Association

“I love Rev It Up! and have found in it the one source for most all the information I need to help my patients get beyond ‘I’m on a diet’ thinking to ‘I can live a healthy lifestyle’ thinking. Rev It Up! has solid nutritional information presented in a creative, incremental, organized and timely way. It is comprehensive, yet easily understandable for my patients. The program has a built-in schedule and logbook to assist my clients in tracking their progress through the program. After working through the program, my clients are well-equipped to become independent ‘non dieters’ who are able to make healthy lifestyle decisions for themselves. I like the analogy drawn between a car engine and our ‘metabolic machines’ and predict Rev It Up! will become a household word across the country. I think of it as my personal wellness assistant.”
Ginger Ryan Combs, RD, LD
Clinical Dietitian


“Rev It Up! is not a fad diet; it’s an eating strategy and fitness prescription for healthy living that is essential for regaining control of your life. This book is a must have if you are serious about changing your eating habits, losing weight and getting fit.”
Officer Chris Hluzek
Police Academy and S.W.A.T. Fitness Instructor

“I started teaching Rev It Up! in January 2007 as part of my employee wellness program. Interesting note from a participant after the first week as he said, ‘You haven’t told me what to eat yet. That’s different and I LIKE IT!’ Rev It Up! is about overall real-life changes and not following a strict diet. It’s a very positive program.”

Janelle Campbell, MS, RD, CDE
Clinical Dietitian

“Tammy’s expertise in re-teaching clients to trust their bodies, understand hunger and fullness, and accept and appreciate their bodies’ needs has been invaluable to my clients. Her personal warmth and caring commitment to clients as well as her approach to wellness have been an integral part of my clients’ ability to succeed.”

Dana Summers, LPC, NBCC
Licensed Professional Counselor

“Tammy Beasley is an excellent clinical nutritionist. I am impressed with her knowledge and great communication skills. She has created a fantastic tool in the Rev It Up! program for achieving a safe and effective approach to weight loss.”
Raetta Bevan Fountain, MD

“As a physical therapist, I was excited to find such a dynamic and comprehensive health and wellness program. Having been through several nationally recognized weight-loss programs in the past, I feel this program is far superior in helping the client truly make a lifestyle change. This catch phrase is often alluded to in other programs, but Rev It Up! addresses all aspects of a healthy lifestyle including nutrition, fitness, and tackling the tough psychosocial components. Education is a cornerstone of the program, providing sound, in-depth nutrition and fitness information in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow format which allows the client to make smart health decisions in real-life situations. The program is safe, effective, and more importantly, empowering.”
Janine Nesin, PT, DPT Physical Therapist

Professional Referrals

Client: What Rev It Up! Alumni are Saying

“I have dieted my entire adult life–literally moving from one to the next searching for the ‘one’ that works. I heard about Rev It Up! and thought, ‘Maybe this one will work?’ My goal was no longer just weight loss. I wanted to eat like normal people. I can’t express in words the difference this program has made in my life. No longer is a food or food group off limits. I eat-REAL food! I have gained so much confidence in myself and my choices. People see change in me, not just in size, but in my smile, too.”

“This program is a real eye opener. Can’t believe what I did not know! We (my wife and I) can’t stop talking about it. Probably the most dynamic program I’ve ever experienced. Rev It Up! makes sense, and really works…(written in 2002) (and again in 2007)…”Many if not all of the Rev It Up! principles have been incorporated in our everyday living experiences and our lives. I cannot believe I ‘did not know’ how much I did not know about nutrition, exercise, and the value of how you eat and what you eat. Barbara and I have lost approximately 15 and 24 pounds, respectively, from the beginning of the program and we have managed to maintain 100% of that loss (five years later!). The program had a tremendous positive influence on our lives in terms of overall health and wellness. We learned the positive benefits of exercise and more specifically eating right, i.e. fuel for the body (I will never forget that session!).”
Al and Barbara

“Thank you for introducing me to my new life! Until now, I didn’t know what it was like to have any self-confidence or look in the mirror and be able to think…’you look pretty good today!’”

“In our search for a diet and exercise program, my wife and I were interested in something different. We wanted something that stressed the science of diet and weight loss more than scales and calorie counting. We wanted to know how best to integrate exercise with correct eating habits. We wanted a program that was interesting and worthwhile. We found Rev It Up! to fill these needs and more, and we recommend it as an excellent foundation for healthy living.”
Dr. R.W.

“I do not consider myself on a diet or doing without any foods I want at times. Rev It Up! is a way of life for me. I am mentally feeling in control again and physically am without the health problems that the 60’s usually bring – no heart problems, no diabetes, and no cholesterol problems.”

“Rev It Up! has taught me that there is a smart way to eat those foods I love and not feel guilty. It’s also taught me to exercise smarter, too!”

“I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying Rev It Up! It seems to be giving me the freedom to eat healthy, eat when I’m hungry, eat without remorse, eat until I’m full. It has quieted the sugar cravings and stopped the binges in the evening. If just those two things can be conquered for the long haul, it is a miracle! No one has put it in a comprehensive, step-by-step format for me before. I can understand it, follow it, and there’s really no desire to deviate–something I always felt the urge to do with other plans.”

“Rev It Up! is a more realistic and natural approach to changing my eating habits instead of a ‘rigid denial’ or chemical driven method like so many others. I also like the concept of the challenges, allowing me to focus on one aspect of change at a time.”

“I have embarked on my journey today! I got about half-way through the book this weekend and I am loving it. It is a different approach than most ‘diets’…and it seems to make sense to my pea brain! I already am running about 15 to 20 miles a week…so if I can get my metabolism going it should be a snap. The ‘filling’ of the gas tank and it running out on the ground after being full has really been an eye-opening analogy. I never thought of it like that before. Love it!”
Jeff M.

“The thing that is most startling to me is that I’m so much calmer about food (and myself) in general. I have stopped myself from overstuffing (Yes, I can eat again!) several times. When I am hungry, I look at the time and assess everything more logically…not emotionally. I’ve been making better food choices, have continued with the run/walking and feel much better about myself. I guess I’m just trying to say thanks!”

Susan C.

Project manager Huntsville, AL